Where do you consider your home to be ? Is it the place where you live, the town or village you originate from or is it where ever you find yourself in the world ?

The Nottdance Festival’s home is Nottingham, a city that is changing and developing before our eyes, a city that celebrates and identifies with creativity, culture and diverse communities. What better place then, to bring a programme of dance, performance, film, inter-active sculpture and installation to the very streets, landmarks and historic buildings of Nottingham as a way of celebrating and connecting the place and its people, with artists from around the world.

The artists performing in Nottdance 05 represent many parts of the globe – America, Canada, France, Finland, Germany and of course the UK. Each one offering their own perspective on the world we live in, through work that will challenge, entertain and quite literally move you !

Watch out for the Red Shoe Delivery Service offering free lifts around the city but only if you wear a pair of red ruby slippers first, enjoy some private dancing as part of our installation programme at Nottingham Castle and see the inside of Capital One’s magnificent building turned into a space for motivational speaking and e-bay power-selling.

Have a great festival !

Jane Greenfield
Festival Director

Nottdance 2005 includes works by :

AC Dickson (USA )

Deborah Hay Dance Company (USA)

Goat Island  (USA)

Gob Squad Room (UK/Germany)

Heidi Tikka (FI)

Jérôme Bel (FR)

Jim Buchanan (UK)

Juliet Robson (UK)

Lynda Gaudreau (CA)

Rosemary Lee and Nic Sandiland w Graeme Miller (UK)

Sean Tuan John & Beat van Gorp (UK/Belgium)

Showroom on screen (UK )

      Home Page Image : Goat Island Performance Company – When Will The September Rose Bloom? Last Night Was Only A Comedy.

About Page Image : Jérôme Bell – Nom donné par l’auteur – Photo Credit – Herman Sorgeloos.